Michigan State University’s Axia Institute Announces the Launch of Axia Lab™


Axia Lab – RFID Services

RFID Validation

Axia is a neutral-body, and its RFID Testing services are performed in partnership with experts from MSU’s College of Engineering and School of Packaging. All tests are conducted at the Axia Lab which is located at the MSU St. Andrews facility in Midland, MI.

Axia Lab provides third-party validation services for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging. Samples received by Axia’s team will be subjected to a series of standardized and tailored robust tests based on the GS1 standards for RFID tags

The Axia team not only tests RFID tags, but can conduct tag testing on the devices and/or medication they are intended to track, and offers services for both solution providers and end users. Axia Lab is licensed to receive controlled substances schedule 2-5.

Our deep expertise in RFID technology and its application across industries is our key differentiator. 

Dynamic Consultation


  • Packaging Design
  • Process Optimization Expertise
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Expertise
  • Digital Tool and IoT Expertise
  • RFID Antenna Expertise
  • Counterfeit and Brand Protection Expertise


Thorough Testing


  • Reliability Test
  • Collision Test
  • Shipping Test
  • Grading Test on Tags and Inlays – GS1’s TIPP Based
  • RFID Readability Tests across Various Levels

Education & Connection


  • Healthcare Value Chain Consortium
  • Value Chain Certificate through MSU’s Broad College of Business

Exclusively Axia

Cross Interdisciplinary Collaboration through Michigan State University’s:


  •  School of Packaging
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Human Medicine
  • Broad College of Business
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Center for Anti Counterfeiting and Product Protection

Axia’s Process

Axia’s simple baseline test protocol will narrow a list of several RFID tags to the top tag candidates. Through vigorous testing at the item level (readability performance and tag placement) the best performing tags will be narrowed down to the top few candidates for the next phase of testing.

Once the top candidates have been identified, Axia will process to the case and pallet level readability testing to evaluate readability or packaging rearrangement to maximize readability.

The Lab has the capacity to do the above sequence for multiple SKUs as they vary in physical dimension.


Axia's RFID testing process is split into 4 phases: discovery, item level, pallet/case level and future considerations.
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