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Axia Lab’s team is led by experienced researchers who have a strong knowledge of
RFID technology and follow Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.

Bahar Aliakbarian, Ph.D.

Bahar Aliakbarian, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor, and Director of Research & Development

Dr. Aliakbarian received her Ph.D. degree in Chemical, Material and Process Engineering from University of Genoa (Italy) in 2009. She earned a bachelor of science in Public Management, a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering – Food Sciences and a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Genoa (Italy). From 2009 – 2017 she held positions at the University of Genoa (Italian Scientific Qualification Award and Postdoctoral Research Award; DGR 1283/2011), Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology, and the University of Sydney (Endeavour Research Award; ERF PDR 2318).

Bahar’s multidisciplinary research experiences focus on the integration of innovative engineering technologies which has led to the formulation of new products with food and biomedical applications. Her work has broadened to the development of active and smart packaging for food and pharmaceutical applications.

She is particularly interested in the use of smart technologies to track and monitor food and pharmaceuticals along the supply chain. Bahar has over 75 peer-reviewed articles, four book chapters, one provisional patent, and over 45 international conference presentations.

Premjeet “Prem” Chahal, Ph.D.

Premjeet “Prem” Chahal, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Premjeet “Prem” Chahal is currently an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan State University. He received the Ph.D. degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999. He received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Iowa State University both in Electrical and Computer Engineering. From 2006 to 2009 he held senior research position at Abbott Laboratories leading research in the area of BioMEMS.

From 1999 to 2006 he was a principal engineer at Raytheon, Dallas leading research in the areas of THz technologies, MMIC design, RF-MEMS and Sensors, and nanoelectronics. Prem is a recipient of the 2012 DARPA Young Faculty Award and 2016 Withrow Teaching Excellence Award.

His research interests are in wireless sensors, THz technology, millimeter-wave electronics, and additive manufacturing.

Ethan Claucherty, M.S.

Ethan Claucherty, M.S.

Lab Technologist, Axia Lab

Ethan Claucherty serves as the Lab Technologist for the Axia Lab. In this capacity he is responsible for testing of tagged RFID items that are managed by the Axia Lab, and management of other testing services provided at Axia Lab.

Prior to joining Axia, he worked as an Analytical Chemist. However, his background is in cancer research and he previously worked as a Research Assistant at MSU’s Institute of Quantitative Health and Engineering researching intraductal approaches for primary prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Ethan received his bachelor’s in Animal Science from Michigan State University in 2014, and received his Masters in Toxicology in 2017 from the National University of Ireland-Galway.

When he is not at work you can find him taking care of the bees in his apiary or in a yoga class!



Carlos A. Marino, Ph.D.

Carlos A. Marino, Ph.D.

Research Leader – Value Chain Digitization

Dr. Carlos A. Marino is the Axia Institute’s research leader – Value Chain Digitization. In this role, Carlos is responsible to develop Axia’s digital value chain research portfolio while working directly with firms across the industry to help reimagine their digital supply chains.

He joins the Axia Institute from A.I. Millennium Lab in Virginia, where he worked as a senior data scientist. Prior to his role at A.I. Millennium Lab, he worked for the Department of Defense in the U.S. Air Force Operations Research & Supply Chain, A.I. Division.  Carlos has also held supply chain positions at Nestlé and Coca Cola. In this position, he will work with Axia Institute staff, researchers from across MSU, in addition to other collaborators, while leading the Institute’s value chain digitization efforts.

Carlos earned his Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Mississippi State University. He also earned an M.A. in Transportation & Logistics Management Reverse Logistics from the American Military University and his M.S. in Engineering Management from California State University. He has a Professional Engineering (P.E.) License in California and earned a Graduate Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University.

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