C50 RFID Measurement Cabinet

The Voyantic C50 RFID Measurement Cabinet is a convenient solution for reliable UHF RFID tags, tagged items and antenna testing. The C50 RFID measurement cabinet includes a Tag Rotation System and an Antenna assembly including 4 Standard Patch Antennas. This advanced piece of equipment is used for grading tests on tags and inlays using GS1’s TIPP standards.

The following image shows Axia’s multiple faced tagged item performance approach which is used to find the optimal location of tag identification. With RFID and engineering expertise, our team will work relentlessly to find the best performing tag for your company’s product and will provide an in-depth analysis. 


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RFID Printers

The Printronix and Zebra RFID printers are the next generation family of RFID printers delivering Class 1 Gen 2 UHF encoding designed to EPC global specifications.


RFID Handheld Scanners, Table, Tunnel, Dock Door, and Pallet Wrapper

The following pieces of equipment are a necessity for error proofing and optimization of supply chain based item, case, and pallet level tagging. Their usage is recommended for any chokepoint in which human intervention and/or manual barcode scanning occurs.


Anesthesia and Pharmacy Stations

InteliGuard Anesthesia and Pharmacy Station and Cubixx Phononic RFID-based technologies ensure real-time visibility of all medications in the operating room and in other environments.

Scanning stations are used with kits or trays to check for missing and expired medications. The Cubixx refrigerated RFID-based station can work at temperatures ranging from 2-8 °C and/or ambient (10-40 °C ).


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LAMBDA 365 Spectrophotometer

Lambda 365 is used in mid-level laboratory research for life science, biochemistry, environmental, proteomics, Pharma QA/QC, and many more applications. The LAMBDA 365 is a double beam UV/Vis instrument controlled via the UVWinLab operating software installed on compatible Personal Computers. It delivers state-of-the-art UV/Vis. When high stability and low stray light are critical, the LAMBDA 365 double-beam technology is the right solution. The L365 delivers a variable spectral bandwidth capability from 0.5 nm to 20 nm and a large sample compartment that can easily accommodate more than 10 samplings.

Parr Series 4520 Reactor

This reactor is used to extract bioactive components from different types of biomasses. The stirred reactor can operate up to 350 °C and up to 200 bar. With the 4-inch internal diameter, this mid-size reactor has sufficient space for special modifications, such as an internal cooling coil, bottom drain valve (not on 2 liter bench top), ball valve for a solid charging port, catalyst addition devices, condensers, electrical feed-throughs and more. The standard magnetic stirrer drive works well for reaction mixtures with viscosities up to 25,000 centipoise.

Thermo Scientific Sorvall X1R Pro-MD Centrifuge

The benchtop centrifuge with a temperature control option provides an easy and fast way to separate solids from liquids without any thermal damage to the bioactive compounds.


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